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Product Overview.

Primer – Unlock Machine Intelligence

Primer Engines assemble your own NLP solutions with our world-class pre-trained engines. Their rigorously trained engines are performant, scalable, and fast. Engines come with a plug-and-play API to quickly integrate with your unique applications and workflows, both in the cloud and on-premises. With their engines at work, you can instantly and confidently scale your business and operations.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Organizations collect massive amounts of data — far more than human analysts can handle. As a result, much of it remains unexplored or underutilized. At Primer, they are dedicated to helping organizations make the best use of their investment in data. They do this by using best-in-class machine learning and natural language processing technologies to help their customers scale and optimize their intelligence workflows.

Take advantage of best-in-class NLP solutions that automate and scale complex analytics workflows. Harness your exponentially growing sources of text-based information to quickly answer your mission-critical questions.

Other Products.

Primer Automate: Encode your knowledge into machine learning models that can automate text-based workflows at scale with human-level quality. Build your own models from scratch, retrain our world-class models for your specific task, or use Primer models off-the-shelf. Anyone in your organization can build and train models using Primer Automate — no coding or technical skills required.

Primer Analyze: Add a structured layer of intelligence on top of your data and create a scalable, self-curating knowledge base that can sift through billions of documents in seconds. Find answers to critical questions quickly, monitor updates in real-time, and automatically generate easy-to-read reports.

Primer Extract: Process all of your documents, emails, PDFs, text messages, and social media to find the information that matters most. Primer Extract uses cutting-edge machine learning tools to help you explore your data quickly, and at scale. Going beyond keyword search, Extract also gives you translation, OCR, and image recognition capabilities.

Product Screenshots.

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