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Olive AI

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Product Overview.

Go further, faster by investing in a connected AI workforce that drives impact across your organization and provides intelligence across the value chain.

An Olive AlphaSite allows providers to rapidly scale their wide AI workforce, accelerating results and fueling innovation through an onsite command center with dedicated resources, secured by a performance-based contract that drives to a 5X ROI target. AlphaSite customers are identifying opportunities and accelerating results in every corner of their organization.

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About the Company.

Olive builds artificial intelligence and RPA solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors.

Olive works with the leading health systems in the country to uncover and solve the most persistent problems facing healthcare today. She’s proud to partner with more than 40 healthcare organizations made up of more than 600 hospitals in over 41 states across the U.S. – including a growing number of health systems with AlphaSites (onsite centers for AI workforce operations.)

Other Products. is a singular product. Here are its features:

Eliminate the cycle: Remove the administrative burdens that cost health systems millions in revenue.

Reduce revenue delays: Eliminate the uncertainty and delays in receiving payments from patients and payers.

Product Screenshots.

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