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Product Overview.

Landing – Bringing AI solutions across industries to solve visual inspection challenges

LandingLens is the only end-to-end visual inspection platform that enables computer vision engineers to seamlessly train, test, and deploy deep-learning models to edge devices.

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About the Company.

Landing AI™ is building the data-centric MLOps platform for computer vision. Focusing on manufacturing visual inspection, LandingLens enables ML teams to build, deploy, and scale computer vision applications 10x faster than before, and rapidly create significant ROI. Founded by Dr. Andrew Ng, co-founder of Coursera, and founding lead of Google Brain, the team at Landing AI is uniquely positioned to help companies across the globe successfully move their AI projects from proof of concept to full-scale production.

Other Products. is one singular product. The product offers each of these to your convenience:

Increases Accuracy: LandingLens users often see 15x improvements in system accuracy

Gives You Control: Easily update and adjust your solutions without being beholden to a 3rd party AI team

Learns Continuously: Identifies issues caused by the environment and raises alerts when the model drifts

Scales Easily: Manages a few to thousands of models with minimal resources

Saves Time: Speeds up your labeling process by as much as 10x

Enhances Visibility: Track and manage the efficiency of AI projects, current data assets, and deployed solutions across all company site locations

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