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Product Overview.

Jiffy – Think Beyond Automation Automate enables the automation of entire complex business processes and empowers your teams to do what they do best – innovate, but faster.

User Reviews.

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AI Society

About the Company.

At, they believe in the power of advancing computing and automation, while being conscious of the social impact of such disruptive technology. The Paanini Foundation was created to help support the displacement of human resources caused by automation.

The Paanini Foundation partners with their clients to help them manage the potential workforce disruption caused by the automation they bring in via upskilling initiatives that prepare the workforce for new-age jobs.

Other Products.

Innovate: Innovate dramatically shortens and simplifies your software development life cycle. So you can focus on the big ideas.

HyperApps: HyperApps are low-code applications that achieve true end-to-end business process automation. “Low-code” means that HyperApps are designed and deployed quickly. “True automation” reserves human participation in your workflow for high-value tasks.

Product Screenshots.

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