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Introducing The Ethics4NextGen AI Global Youth Squad


DataEthics4All is pleased to Introduce the Ethics4NextGen AI Global Youth Squad!!

This is a Place to get resources to start the Ethics4NextGen AI Youth Club at your Local Middle or High School and Meet with other Members of the Ethics4NextGen AI Youth Squad from Middle and High Schools across the World.

Squad Activities.

Members of the Ethics4NextGen AI Youth Squad will be invited to specially designed Youth Courses on AI and Ethics, Ethics Debates, Impact of AI on Society Panel Discussions, etc.

The Differentiator.

We’re very well aware that starting a new Local Club at a School is not only a lot of work but it’s also very resource intensive.

Starting a new Ethics and AI Club locally at an Academic Institution requires resources such as a Dedicated Space, a Dedicated Teacher, as well as Tools and Training.

DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen AI Youth Squad is a Global Virtual Club and we take care of all the Resources, so there’s no added burden on the School for starting a new Club.

How to Start a New Club.

If you’re interested in starting a Ethics4NextGen AI Youth Club at your local middle or high school, please ask your Principal and/ or School Activities Director to get in touch with us.