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Product Overview.


Computer vision enables a new form of advertising through ‘in the moment’ person and object identification allowing consumers to connect with brands and services they see being used.

See It/Buy It – Object Recognition in TV and movies that identifies what viewers see – from apparel & accessories to home decor to locations – then allows them to buy the items or make reservations at the locations.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

GUISE is focused on developing innovative AI technologies and positively contribute to the economy, society, and humanity.

GUISE strives constantly to advance the state of the art in Computer Vision. Their diversified team of researchers and business people builds solutions that minimize algorithmic bias and advance business goals while contributing to a more humane society.

The deep learning and computer vision technologies developed by GUISE address specific problems in the Advertising, Retail, Entertainment, Security, FinTech, and Automotive industries and help them become smarter and increase efficiency.

Other Products.

Guise Entertainment: Identify actors in Movies and TV shows, while streaming, to allow review of previous and future projects. Can be integrated into any streaming service on any operating system

Guise Retail: GUISE delivers retailers the basic info needed for human connection and the unprecedented analytics that will change the face of customer engagement. Easily and seamlessly incorporate a product

Guise Security: GUISE tools create a safer environment with the ability to monitor video in real-time and identify persons and/or objects of interest

Guise FinTech: Easily and seamlessly incorporate a product from GUISE into financial technology for more robust and compliant security.

Guise Automotive: GUISE Eye keeps the roads safer by alerting drowsy drivers when their eyes close. They believe that this technology could save thousands of drivers every year. Detects objects such as humans, buildings, cars, bikes, etc. in an image or a video.

Product Screenshots.

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