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Are You interested in becoming a Data Ethics First Organization?

What It Means.

How To Get There.

Being a Data Ethics First Organization is a Challenged Path with no available Roadmap on how to get there.

So, we need to create our own Path.

The Perks.

DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen AI Council helps you in Creating this Path and truly becoming a Data Ethics First Organization; building Racial Equity in Society in the Process.

Joining the DataEthics4All’s Ethics4NextGen AI Council gives you direct 1:1 access to Global Cognitive Leaders on the Intersection of Data, Ethics, Technology, Policy and Social Impact.

Be invited to and participate in exclusive VIP Private Roundtable Discussions around Policy, Ethics and Technology.

Keep a Pulse on Industry Trends and Opportunities around AI and Technology.

Learn how other Organizations are implementing Ethical AI Frameworks and things you should consider.

Understand the Gaps in implementing an end to end Data Governance Strategy at your Organization.

Discuss privately in a safe place with your Peers how Ethics plays into Data Privacy 2.0

A brand new way to showcase your Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

Show Action from the Top by translating the theory of Data Ethics into Practice by truly becoming a Data Ethics First Organization.

Request to Join the Ethics4NextGen AI Council Today!


Corporate Membership to the Ethics4NextGen AI Council is by Invitation only.

You must be Nominated either by yourself or your Peer to be invited to Join the Ethics4NextGen AI Council.

Do you know of a Data Ethics Trailblazer at your Organization? Or do you consider yourself to be a Data Ethics Trailblazer?

Then Nominate Yourself or Your Peer to be invited to Join the DataEthics4All Ethics4NextGen AI Council.


Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.