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DataEthics4All Live

Unintended Consequences: When Good Intentions Go Awry With Marie Wallace, Data Strategist at IBM Watson Health.

The Discussion.

Few technologists intentionally plan to act unethically.

Most of us truly believe that we can make the world better by inventing exciting transformative new solutions.

Focus, energy, and tenacity turn our ideas into reality, however, this can also sometimes create tunnel vision and lead us to inadvertently fall into an ethical trap without realizing it.

During this session we will discuss:

  • Marie’s journey from data scientist to privacy advocate, which drove her to publish her Hippocratic oath for the data scientist 7 years ago.
  • How to avoid falling into the ethical trap.
  • Why privacy-by-design makes for better solutions in the long-run, even if it involves more design thinking up-front.

The Guest.

Marie Wallace

Marie Wallace is a Data Ethics Advisory Council Member and is a Technical Strategist for IBM who has spent nearly two decades in building analytics technologies which today underpin such solutions as IBM Watson.

In recent years Marie’s primary focus has been on the analysis of human networks to deliver smarter, personalized and contextualized solutions for individuals and organizations.

Marie is currently exploring ways that Blockchain can be leveraged to address the global challenges of privacy-protecting data exchange.

Marie is a globally recognized thought leader, with an active social media presence and popular blog,

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