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According to Wikipedia, Data Ethics refers to systemizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct in relation to data, in particular personal data.

Our Programs.

Through the DataEthics4All Programs we’re enabling difficult discussions so that we can come to a common understanding of what conduct is considered right from wrong, especially when it comes to personal data as companies begin to monetize their data for purposes different from those for which the data was initially collected.

The Framework: 12 Ethical Pillars.

The Data Ethics Advisory Council at DataEthics4All that consists of multidisciplinary global data experts and leaders, have created the DataEthics4All Framework.

This Framework consists of 12 Ethical Pillars which are: Preserving Data Privacy, Fair Data Processing, Preventing Data Misues, Clear Data Ownership, Explicit Data Consent, Data Power and Control, Data Transparency and Trust, Data Quality Auditing, Interdisciplinary Algorithmic Auditing, Combating Deliberate Misinformation, Preventing Ad Technology Weaponization and Evolution of Data Ethics in Times of Crisis.

The DataEthics4All Framework can be used as Guiding Principles for any Organization to identify the gaps and mitigate the risks of using data science unethically within the Company.



The DataEthics4All Advisory Council is the World’s 1st Advisory Council specifically created for the responsible development of Data Ethics.

The Data Ethics Advisory Council consists of Global Multidisciplinary Data and Business Leaders who are well aware of the challenges of ethical data collection, sharing, and use as well as the scandals surrounding data privacy.

These Leaders understand that Data handling ethics are a legal, political, and financial minefield. They also understand that Ethics is personal. Unlike Compliance, it’s hard to formalize a Data Ethics framework that is universally acceptable to everyone: The Enterprise as well as the Consumers.

Yet, this Framework is the backbone to informed data collection, responsible stewardship of people’s information, and guidance for organizations about what being ethically responsible involves beyond mere legal compliance.

The Data Ethics Advisory Council not only provides Leadership and Guidance to the DataEthics4All Initiative but has also come up with a Data Ethics & Data Governance Framework that any organization can implement to become a Data Ethics First Organization.


The Canvas for the DataEthics4All Initiative is huge.

We are bringing a vast variety of Programs for the Business Leaders and Organizations of the World to help them come to a common understanding of what is considered right from wrong; and to raise awareness on the Dangers of using Data Science without Ethical Considerations as well as the long term Advantages of Ethical Business Considerations in earning Customer’s Trust and Loyalty.

The Data Ethics Leadership Council is a team of dedicated Community Leaders who not only believe in the vision of the DataEthics4All Initiative but also take an active part in helping us executing these Programs.


The DataEthics4All Think Tank will be responsible for Independent Research on the Impact of Unethical Data Use. 

The Think Tank will consist of AI Researchers, Data Scientists, Policy Makers and Data Ethics Advocates.

They will conduct research in the 12 areas of Data Ethics as outlined by the  DataEthics4All Framework by collecting data and by engaging different actors in the society. 

The Data Ethics Think Tank will undertake investigation to understand what is happening in these 12 particular areas of heavy Data usage and then provide their research findings, advice and solutions that could be useful for the Government, Business Enterprises and Local Communities.


Our Youth need to be aware and educated on the Ethics of Data Science and the Dangers of using Data Science without Ethical Considerations in order for them to become better citizens and business leaders of tomorrow.

The Mission of the Data Ethics Youth Council is to act as knowledgeable brokers between the Data Ethics Leadership Council and the Youth and to create Programs that advance the mission and vision of the DataEthics4All Initiative.


We are enabling learning opportunities by engaging Industry Experts, providing Thought Leadership and Fostering Community Discussions through the DataEthics4All Live Events.


There’s nothing easy about data ethics in an age where virtually everything we do leaves a data trail. But in order for Businesses to retain the trust of their Customers, they need to do it right by their data.

The DataEthics4All Community goes beyond Data Compliance and leverages Data Ethics into a significant competitive advantage. We talk about Data Privacy, Data Compliance, Data Governance, Data Ethics, and Social Corporate Responsibility.

We learn together Why Ethics Pays and how we can help scale the impact of Social Good.


It’s time to recognize the Business Leaders who are accelerating results by making Ethical Considerations for Data Science and Business and in doing so are creating a Brand that Customers Trust and are Loyal to.

DataEthics4All is creating a Top 100 List and Open Directory of Data Ethics Trailblazers. 

Nominate Yourself or your favorite Guy/ Gal from IT, Legal, Marketing, HR, Sales – from an Individual Contributor to a CXO who’s putting Data Ethics first at your Organization.

Responsible development of Ethics in Data Science.



Keep in touch with the latest in Data Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Governance and Social Corporate Responsibility.