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Cyrano Ai Conversational


Cyrano Ai Conversational

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Product Overview.

Cyrano – Conversational GPS

The best salespeople can “read the room” in moments and plan their approach accordingly. Cyrano Navigate helps everyone on your team navigate through new relationships and critical conversations with the confidence of veterans. Cyrano securely analyzes your team’s conversations with customers and provides immediate, actionable advice and insights that help you build effective and more valuable relationships.

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AI Society

About the Company.

Solving NLP, one commit at a time.

While there are many great use cases for artificial intelligence to help improve society, they see an opportunity to improve AI’s ability to have more meaningful conversations. This will improve customer experiences with sales and support first and ultimately improve mental health offerings at scale.

They have seen firsthand that too many adolescents aren’t getting the mental health support they need until it’s too late. Many serious problems facing teens and young adults today can be prevented by early intervention. But teenagers aren’t talking to their parents or the school counselor about the real problems and feelings they are facing. They might talk to their phone, though.

By applying our conversational strategy system to sales and customer service, they find ways to help mid-size to large companies make more money while reducing costs. It also allows them to engage in a wide variety of conversations with people on a large set of topics, all sorted by outcomes that allow the AI to learn what does and doesn’t work in a strategic conversation.

Other Products.

Meeting Insights for Zoom: Interact, negotiate and communicate better on Zoom using the power of science and psychology.

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