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Product Overview.

Builder – They make software so easy, everyone can do it

Create a wallet to spend with their cloud partners. It’s available in 82 currencies and you can top up your Cloud Wallet, however, suits you – from bank transfers, to wallets, to credit cards – but only when you want to. When you run out of credit, your data is kept securely until you’re ready to start again.

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Other Products.

Cloud One: They buy future cloud capacity and always have it available. You get the best rates available from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, and Alibaba Cloud, with no price spikes and no long-term contracts. Just world-class analytics, DevOps automation, and up to 20% off your cloud bill every month

Cloud Control: Their service makes recommendations on your usage using AI and allows you to implement these suggestions, straightaway. You don’t need any DevOps support from your side to search for savings or make changes – you can do it all yourself in a couple of clicks

Builder Studio: Turn any idea into tailor-made software, without writing any code or speaking to a developer or agency. Get guaranteed costs and decide your timeline, upfront

Builder Now: See your idea come to life instantly with Builder Now, before investing in full build. Create a clickable software prototype in less than 10 minutes – for free

Studio Rapid: Create industrial-grade applications with a simple intuitive interface – and do it faster than with any other platform. In less than a day, you can have a completely native app on your phone

Builder Care: A service that proactively updates your app so you’re never blindsided by third-party changes that could easily bring it all down. For example, if Facebook changes their login, they’d rebuild your Facebook Login feature. It’s all done seamlessly as changes happen – so you won’t even notice

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