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Brightedge Data Cube


Brightedge Data Cube

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Product Overview.

Data Cube

As brands have become publishers, the digital world has become the most important distribution channel. The BrightEdge Content Performance Marketing platform helps brands Target Demand, Create and Optimize Content, and Measure Results to win on the content battleground. BrightEdge transforms online content into tangible business results, such as traffic, revenue, and engagement. Our platform is powered by an Artificial Intelligence engine, DataMind, and is the only company capable of web-wide, real-time measurement of digital content engagement across all digital channels, including search, social, and mobile.

Data Cube takes the guesswork out of SEO research, so you can confidently create new content and optimize existing content. Powered by DataMind – the most extensive source of global search data – Data Cube reveals which web pages and content types are winning the top spots on SERPs (search engine results pages) for any search keyword.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

BrightEdge is the leading SEO solution and content performance marketing platform, helping more than 1,700 customers generate more organic traffic. BrightEdge is based in San Mateo, CA with offices in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Tokyo, Sydney, and London.

Other Products.

Brightedge Instant: With BrightEdge Instant, you can understand the customer experience as it’s happening, improve workflow and operational efficiency, optimize in real-time, and discover in-the-moment opportunities as they arise.

Brightedge Daily Pulse: Built on the BrightEdge S3 platform, Daily Pulse simplifies all the nuances of daily search fluctuations into what matters most for your businessactionable insights that drive website traffic and revenueEasily see what is impacting search engine visibility in the moment for you and your competitors and uncover new opportunities to obtain top of the page results.  

Brightedge Hyperlocal: Tailor your local SEO strategy to distinct local markets by mapping out precise search volume and ranking data for each keyword in every city or country that Google Search supports.

Product Screenshots.

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