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Product Overview.

Appvance – Core AI/ML Quality Test Automation System

Appvance IQ delivers transformational productivity gains in both test creation and execution, the former through AI-generated autonomous tests and codeless test creation, the latter through unified functional, performance, and security testing.

Appvance IQ is easy to adopt, in part because it runs native scripts from other automation and easily connects to DevOps tooling.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

Solving NLP, one commit at a time. is the leader and inventor of AI-driven test generation, which has revolutionized software testing. The company’s premier product is Appvance IQ, the world’s first AI-driven, unified test automation system. It helps enterprises dramatically improve the quality, performance, and security of their applications, while transforming the efficiency, speed, and output of their testing teams. AIQ is a key technology to help organizations become more agile, reach DevOps speeds, and move faster to the cloud.

Appvance was founded in 2013, after acquiring PushToTest, with a strong history dating back to 2001. PushToTest had developed TestMaker, which had over three million downloads. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Costa Rica, Rochester NY, and India. Investors in the company include Javelin Ventures, Staenberg Ventures, Social Internet Fund, FundersClub, Three Bridges Ventures and HB Asset Management, and others.

Other Products.

Appvance is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Tasks you can run: All Transformers pipelines available: ASR, feature extraction, text classification, NER, question answering, translation, summarization, text generation, zero-shot classification, conversational AI, table question answering.

Scalability: They built our infrastructure to support real-time consumer use cases and scale automatically as usage grows to support up to 1,000 requests per second.

NLP: With over 10,000 models trained in over 160 languages, Hugging Face offers the largest and most diverse library of state of the art models, and the Inference API makes them all available to you via simple API calls.

Latency: They accelerate their models on CPU and GPU so your apps work faster.

Product Screenshots.

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