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AI Society – Launch Announcement

AI Society DataEthics4All

AI Society – Launch Announcement

The future of responsible, transparent, community-trusted AI products is here.

At some point in your life, you’ve either left an online review on a product or service or you’ve read an online review. You’re also the intelligent click-bait averse kind that reads the comment section first, before watching the video. If you’re also someone who will settle for nothing but the best AI solution, in a world of limitless solutions, AI Society exists for you.

AI Society DataEthics4All

“There are a lot of awesome websites that list AI Resources and these are great and very much needed but none that give Reviews and Ratings for someone to evaluate whether it is worth their Company’s time and resources to adopt and implement them as a Framework or a Solution. DataEthics4All wanted to give Companies a way to look at AI products, platforms, tools, solutions, toolkits, frameworks, etc, learn from the ratings and see whether it would be worth their Company’s time and resources to invest in it. An Amazon equivalent exclusively for AI Solutions.
Our AI Society not only hopes to provide ratings about price, ease of use and customer service but would also like to add ratings for ethics, privacy and trust to help informed Customers see whether a Company uses data and has built a solution keeping Ethics by Design at the forefront.”

– Shilpi Agarwal, Founder and CEO of DataEthics4All

About AI Society
AI Society is the world’s 1st directory of AI resources with customer reviews that cover ethics, transparency and trust.
Through months of hard work from volunteer team members during the summer of 2021, AI Society went from being an idea, to a platform that houses the most essential information on 100+ AI products and growing.
In less than 3 months, detailed AI product pages exist on the dataethics4all website that walk you through a product overview, user reviews, further information about the company and a closer look at the product itself. The AI companies span the retail & e-commerce, healthcare, education, finance, logistics and overall technology industries. Top brand names include Amazon, IBM and Google.

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You, the customer.
As an AI product customer, you get the ability to see what people have to say about the product under the lens of ethics, transparency and trust. Having reviews curated this way allows you to have more focused and relevant reviews than you might find on other, generic product review platforms. As a member of the AI society, you get the chance to, through your reviews, give back not just to the community but also to the field of AI research & development. Product reviews on AI Society have a higher likelihood of not only reaching the company, but also the decision-maker(s) relevant to the product itself.

You, the company.
Being a product owner is powerful and comes with its own responsibility, and we recognize that. We’re here to help you serve your customers better. All while fulfilling your ethical, moral and social responsibility towards our technological advancement as a race. Whether you are beta testing a brand new product or are on your 10th generation of your product lifecycle, AI Society offers you quality criticism from your customer base so you can understand and take action on enhancements as rapidly as possible.

The project could not have made it this far if it wasn’t for our intern Nicola Green from Oxford University and our youth summer volunteer Devon Thomas (who earned the PVSA silver award through this work).

We at AI Society believe in removing the barriers that divide AI companies and their AI customers. We recognize the shared value from both sides and hope that you do too. Come have a look for yourself, we can’t wait to welcome you to the AI Society!

Kevin Rose Dias is a Volunteer Member of the DataEthics4All Leadership Council and an experienced data analytics professional with a passion towards data-driven storytelling. He holds several credentials from Salesforce, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft that span website analytics, DMPs and cloud computing. He has a proven track-record in helping clients understand their online customers better and optimize their marketing campaigns towards meeting their goals. Through DataEthics4All, Kevin is excited to apply his expertise and play a part in creating a more ethical, diverse and safe future for everyone.

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