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Ai-Media Live Captioning


Ai-Media Live Captioning


Product Overview.

Ai-Media Live Captioning

Ai-Media provides premium video accessibility services, integrations, and automated workflows, and tools & features that help make video accessibility easy.

Whether you broadcast on television or stream to your own YouTube channel, host lives events to a global audience, or deliver classes to a single student, their suite of live accessibility products ensures nobody misses out on what you are delivering.

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About the Company.

Solving NLP, one commit at a time.

Ai-Media was founded in 2003 on the belief that everyone deserves access to information. Providing that access remains their mission to this day – and they have also evolved their business.

Ai-Media now has applications for companies, workplaces, events, education, government, and broadcast.

They make their leading captioning and translation technologies available to everyone around the world – across purposes, across industries, across platforms, and across languages.

From Facebook and Amazon to global events and local classes, they offer a full range of solutions. Their captions and transcripts use their own cutting-edge technologies and are available in tiers of cost, accuracy, and in any language you like! All to help you reach your biggest audience.

Since September 2020, Ai-Media is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with the code AIM (ASX: AIM).

Other Products.

Ai-Media is one singular product. The product offers each of the following for your convenience:

Streaming Captions: Their live streaming captions appear as text overlaid on the video stream during your broadcast or event. Their stream management services include sending your stream to any of the popular video streaming platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and Zoom.

Captions (CART): Live CART captioning is a speech-to-text service that delivers captions remotely to almost any screen – computers, projector screens, tablets, or smartphones. Meetings, events, and classes are made accessible through live captions.

Audio Description: Audio description is the narration of the key visual elements in a video to provide access to people who are blind or have low vision. Audio description ensures everyone has access to a wide range of content from TV, movies, marketing content, and more.

Note Taking: Note-taking provides an accurate summary of what is said, so that meeting, lecture, and conference content is easily absorbed by everyone. It promotes inclusion by unlocking content into carefully summarised and formatted notes.

Product Screenshots.

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