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Introducing AI DIET World

A Celebration of Ethics 1st minded

People, Companies and Products

DIET Stands for Data, Diversity, Inclusion, Impact, Ethics, Equity, Teams and Technology

The Premiere B2B Event of the Year!

October 20th-22nd, 2021

Let’s Build a Better AI World Together

All proceeds from this event will support our 5 Million in 5 Years Pledge

Why AI DIET World?.

AI DIET WORLD is the premier B2B event of the year in the ethically-minded tech community. Led by DataEthics4All, it promises to bring together companies, collectives, and individuals with a commitment to ethical data use and technological development.

The AI DIET Champions showcase is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to celebrate diversity, inclusion, ethics and technology champions and trailblazers within your company.

The AI DIET Careers Fair provides an excellent opportunity to recruit ethics-first minded leaders and show off your ethics first Company culture as well as inclusive and fair hiring practices.

The AI DIET Solutions Hack brings Companies and Teams to showcase their ethical AI solutions to the world.

AI DIET WORLD will also feature appearances from leaders in the DataEthics4All community and presents an ideal networking and guidance opportunity for companies who want to adopt socially sustainable practices but don’t know where to start.

By supporting AI DIET WORLD, you will also be supporting DataEthics4All’s bold ‘5 Million in 5 Years’ pledge, which aspires to provide STEM education to students across the United States and worldwide, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds. This contribution supports the collective mission of building a more socially aware and more cognitively diverse community in tech.

As DataEthics4All is partnered with a 501(c)(3) company, attendance of the conference may be registered as a charitable donation in the United States.

Let's Build Together.

All proceeds from this event will support our 5 Million in 5 Years pledge to provide free STEM tutoring, mentoring and career guidance to five Million economically disadvantaged students worldwide.

AI DIET World is a FISCALLY SPONSORED event by Crowd Meal, a 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN 85-3148963.

Event Details.

Day 1.


An Event Celebrating Success Stories of Implementation and Impact!

Spotlighting AI DIET Champions and their Case Studies in Diversity, Inclusion, Ethics or Technology highlighting the Idea, the Implementation and it’s Impact.

Do you have a AI DIET success story to share?

Then register your company to participate in AI DIET World as a Champion Speaker!

Day 2.


Are you a Company with an Ethics 1st Culture and follow inclusive and fair recruiting practices?

Are you a Company that puts People before Profits?

Do you want to recruit Candidates with Ethics 1st Mindset for all your open positions, no matter the role?

Then come and join us as a recruiting company at our AI DIET Career Fair.

Register your company to participate in the AI DIET Career Fair today.

Day 3.


The AI DIET Solutions Hack is a first-of-its-kind exclusive hack for Enterprise Teams.

Do you have an AI DIET Product, an App, a Toolkit or a Solution that Your Team has been working on?

Do you think it’s time for the World to know about this Ethical, Responsible and Explainable AI Solution that your Company has built?

Then, Come, Register for the AI DIET Solutions Hack and Pitch or Demonstrate your unique AI Solution to the World!

AI DIET Solutions Hack has the following Categories:

1. Diversity and Inclusion: HR, recruitment, cognitive diversity in teams

2. Data: data privacy, security, compliance, governance, representation, collection and use

3. AI Ethics: algorithmic fairness, transparency, bias detection, responsible AI

4. Impact: social good

5. Technology: social media, advertising, responsible product, quality assurance

Register to participate in the AI DIET World Solutions Hack.

Our Speakers.

Speakers at a Glance.

Ways to Participate.

5 Exciting Ways to Participate in AI DIET World

1. AI DIET Recruiting Company:

Spotlight your company’s open positions, ethical recruiting practices and company culture at the AI DIET Career Fair.

+ Access to the AI DIET Champions and AI DIET Solutions Hack as an Attendee.

2. AI DIET Champions Speaker:

Celebrate and share your success with the world on the AI DIET Champions Day.

+ Access to the AI DIET Career Fair + AI DIET Solutions Hack as an Attendee.

3. AI DIET Solutions Hack:

Publicly spotlight an AI DIET Toolkit, an App, a Product or a Solution on the AI DIET Solutions Hack Day with a Demo or a Pitch.

+ Access to the AI DIET Champions event and AI DIET Career Fair as an Attendee.

4. AI DIET World Attendee:

Follow us on LinkedIn to get access to all 3 days of the AI DIET World.

Listen to AI DIET Champion Case Studies of AI DIET Initiative Ideas, their Implementation and their Impact.

Listen to the Recruiting Companies in the AI DIET Career Fair about their ethical and inclusive hiring practices and how they put people above profits.

Listen to the Companies showcasing their AI DIET Products, Apps, Platforms and Toolkits  in the AI DIET Solutions Hack.

5. AI DIET Career Fair Candidate:

Attend the AI DIET Career Fair and scout out job opportunities at companies with a AI DIET First Culture, putting diversity, inclusion and ethics above profits.

Register and join us to build a better AI World together!

Get the promo code from the DataEthics4All team or friends of DataEthics4All

  • AI DIET Recruiting Company

  • 2,999

    • Opportunity to get on Stage and tell potential Employees why You are the most responsible AI DIET Company to work for
    • Opportunity to recruit Candidates with an Ethics First Mindset
    • Opportunity to truly build and strengthen an AI DIET First Culture Company from the ground up
    • Great PR and Branding Opportunity
    • Company Logo on the Event Website and Promotional Materials
  • AI DIET Solutions Hack

  • 1,499

    • Opportunity to Participate in the first of its kind exclusive Hack for Enterprise Teams
    • Opportunity to Spotlight an AI DIET Product, an App, a Toolkit or a Solution you’ve built
    • Opportunity to get on stage and shine a spotlight on an AI DIET Work in Progress
    • Opportunity to showcase that you’re a AI DIET First Culture Company
    • Great PR and Branding Opportunity
    • Company Logo on the Event Website and Promotional Materials
  • AI DIET Career Fair Candidate

  • 99

    • Get invited to the AI DIET Career Fair on Day 2 of AI DIET World
    • Hear about the best AI DIET Job Opportunities in the market today
    • Listen to the best Companies with an AI DIET First Culture and why you should join them
    • Learn about the best Positions available that will bring you Job satisfaction
    • Opportunity to talk to AI DIET Recruiters
  • AI DIET LinkedIn Live Attendee

  • Free

    • Opportunity to listen to the best AI DIET Champions in the Industry that exist today, AI DIET World Day #1
    • Opportunity to see what roles are Companies with AI DIET First Culture recruiting for, AI DIET Career Fair Day #2
    • Opportunity to hear the best AI DIET Solutions and works in progress from the teams themselves, AI DIET World Day #3
    • Opportunity to take back the best AI DIET ideas to implement in your Company
    • Opportunity to network and learn what it takes to build a AI DIET First Company Culture

Register Today.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the AI DIET World and DataEthics4All’s 5M5Y Pledge through a Sponsor donation.

Please send us an email to learn more about the levels of Sponsorship available.

Our Audience.

AI DIET WORLD will be broadcasted LIVE on Linkedin to an audience of

Global insights of our 10K stream audience:

We have a global audience with the following Top 5 Global Cities from USA & India

AI DIET WORLD is hosting professionals with Top 5 functions:

1. Engineering
2. Business Development
3. Information Technology
4. Research
5. Operations

Top 5 Job Functions

Top 5 Industries

AI DIET WORLD will include a wide range of companies & professionals, with the Top 5 industries:

1. Information Technology & Services
2. Computer Software
3. Higher Education
4. Internet
5. Financial Services

AI DIET WORLD is welcoming professionals from different career seniority levels:

1. Senior
2. Entry Level
3. Director
4. Training
5. Manager

Top 5 Seniority Levels

Sample Companies of Our Audience

Sample Job Titles of Our Audience

Media & Community Partners.

Our Mission.

The Mission of the DataEthics4All Initiative is to raise awareness about the ethical use of data; build the next generation of Tech Leaders with an Ethics-First Mindset; and tackle diversity in tech through a grassroots approach.

Our Programs and Events.

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Ethics4NextGen AI Summit + Bootcamp + Hackathon

Our Impact.

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