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[24] Engagement Cloud


[24] Engagement Cloud


Product Overview.

The [24] Engagement Cloud TM is the most conversational AI Platform

Powered by AIVA conversational AI technology, informed by decades of contact center operations excellence, and combined with expert human insight, [24] Engagement Cloud TM anticipates a customers’ needs to streamline resolutions and strengthen relationships. Use its self-service tools to set up intent selections and build conversational bots, business logic, conversation flows, user interfaces, and more.

User Reviews.

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About the Company.

[24] redefines how artificial intelligence, human insight, and deep vertical expertise can produce personalized, satisfying customer experiences. Their advanced conversational AI platform predicts consumer intent to create frictionless interactions that strengthen relationships and increase brand loyalty. Their significant contact center expertise enables us to deliver natural, consistent conversations across all digital and voice channels driving greater operational efficiencies.

[24] puts people at the center of everything they do—from their company values to their intent-based approach to resolution. Their highly skilled, tech savvy super agents make it easier for customers to get things done across voice and messaging channels, and their industry-leading conversational AI makes it possible to increase containment while also boosting CSAT. By blending AI and agents, they deliver measurably better outcomes and significant savings.

Other Products.

[24]7 Active Share: Modernize voice calls by empowering agents to deliver visually rich digital content directly to customers.

[24]7 Answers: Organize frequently asked questions, policies, and product information into an interactive customer experience.

[24]7 Assist: Empower agents to drive productive, context-aware, and personalized customer conversations.

[24]7 Conversations: Create, deploy, and manage exceptional AI-powered conversations across voice, messaging, and mobile channels.

[24]7 Journey Analytics: Identify the root cause of customer drop-offs and take immediate action to correct the problem.

[24]7 Target: Use AI to predict and deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time for different stages of the advertising

[24]7 Voices: Modernize the IVR experience for the digital age using a cloud-based IVR solution.

Product Screenshots.

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